Conscious Co-Creation: Step 7 (Part 2)

Today’s inspiration comes from Part 2 of Chapter 11 of my e-book, Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 11: Conscious Co-Creation: Step 7 (Part 2)

Power Action #1

Act as If You Already Have it, While Acting on Inspiration in the Moment 

Notice how it feels when you see yourself with your goal accomplished. If it feels bad or uncomfortable, you can do one or two things. You can continue to observe the feeling without judgment and/or if that is too difficult, you can change to another goal that you feel better about when you think of it. Either way, the goal is to eventually and consistently feel good when you imagine that you already have it. The key is to wait in joy and not dread. One way to do this is by creating anticipation just as if you were in line waiting to go on your favorite ride at the amusement park. It’s also important that we act on whatever inspirations come up in the moment, because these are the gifts that lead to our destiny.

Power Action #2

Raise Your Energy

As you now know, if you are feeling good, then you are doing good. If you are not feeling good about your goal or just in general, it’s important that you actively engage in things that raise your energy. There are many ways to do this and I’m sure you have a few you can share with me. Here are a few examples:

* Improve your eat habits

*Do physical and energetic exercises


* Be in nature barefooted

* Watch and/or play with children

* Change your perspective by searching for all the things you have to be thankful about at every moment

Power Action #3

Send Energy to Others

When you give to others what you want for yourself (from a position of strength and awareness), then you are truly giving to yourself and are doubly graced. Yet, it’s important that we raise our energy first because we can’t pour water into a glass if there isn’t anything in the pitcher. Sending energy to others can be as simple as when you hear about the success of others you know, you give them good praises (energetically or verbally). Notice what comes up for you. If thoughts of jealous or judgment want to rear their ugly heads, let them without resistance and without judgment or even ownership. This is good practice because first of all, the negative thought may not even be yours and just part of the “collective pain body.” In that case, you can just say, “Return to sender with loving consciousness attached.” I can’t tell you how important this power action is because not only are you instantly graced when you give to others, you also have an additional opportunity (or practice) to see all the areas where your person may be blocking your growth, thus increasing your energy even more.

Power Action #4

Understand the Creative Process

Artist understand that in order to paint a picture or write a poem or whatever they want to create, they can’t spend ALL their time and energy looking at others artwork or reading others poetry. This may give them perspective and inspiration, but sooner or later, they have to focus solely on their art in order to birth it into existence. The creative process requires us to focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want. Can you imagine a painter being able to successfully complete a picture by thinking and visualizing on all the things she doesn’t want to go in her picture? No!

Robert Fritz, an artist himself, has written many books on the creative process and how to apply it to everything. I would highly recommend reading any of his work as well.

So that’s the final power action and that brings us to the end of Step #7. Whew! We finally made it! I hope this has been useful to you. It has been a great joy and my greatest gift to offer this e-book manifesto and guide to my Earth family at this time. I wish you all the happiness and joy that life has to offer.

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