Daisy’s Sunrise Brings in DBTBB’s Sunset

On Jan. 14th, 2014, exactly 3 months after my mother’s transition, DeBorah B’s Travel Bug Blog (DBTBB) was born. The logo of the daisy (mom) and the bee (me) was created before my mom’s passing and has come to symbolize our special bond. Seven years later on Daisy’s sunrise heralds the sunset and last post to this blog.

Why the 7 Year Itch?

“Once you master the gift of giving, you master the gift of receiving.” -Ebrima Saidy Ba

When I started DBTBB, it wasn’t for personal or financial gain. The mission was to encourage, inspire and support others in manifesting their desires by blogging about a 10-month commitment to manifest my desires in honor of my mother Daisy. In return, I received an amazing healing tool via blogging to help bring closure to my mother’s passing. Seven is a powerful number of completion, so it makes sense to bring this chapter of a larger journey to a close and to re-ignite and re-vamp another blog I’d like to bring closer to in 2022.

Coming Full Circle Countdown Reloaded

On May 20, 2013, I started Coming Full Circle Countdown: Kickstarting a 13 Yr. Dream in 9 Months as a private blog. Four months later, I got the courage to launch it as a public blog on Sept. 3, 2013. The goal was to promote and successfully complete It’s All G.O.O.D.: A Conscious Co-Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy (IAG). However, when my mother made her transition, that was The Day That Changed Everything and shifted my focus to DBTBB.

On October 4th, the blog will be reloaded as Coming Full Circle Countdown: Bringing Closure to a 23 Yr. Dream in 6 Months. The 6 Month Countdown from Oct. 4th, 2021 to April 4th, 2022 will promote IAG’s completion. Starting Nov. 14th, I’ll begin sharing some serendipitous experiences along the longer, 23 Year Journey connected to this work. I hope you join me as I bring closure and publish the third and final book of my 2022 Book Vision.

About DeBorah

My mission is to motivate myself and other magnetic, melanin aware light beacons to become better conscious co-creators of the life they desire, while removing race, gender and generational blockages on the path to planetary oneness.

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