POV Goes Live! What’s Next?

POV Monday Promo is part of Who I Am Communications2020 Book Vision to promote & publish 3 books sharing powerful practices and principles for conscious co-creation by the end of 2020. Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards is the second of the three books. A portion of POV’s proceeds will go toward the Pushing Daisy Drive, to build an Eco-friendly home/health education center in Antigua, West Indies in honor of my mother Daisy’s legacy of service.

IT’S OFFICIAL!! POV is available for purchase and can now be downloaded on Amazon Here! After seven long years of planning, preparing and overcoming procrastination, I am so excited to offer my latest and greatest gift to everyone! Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out my new Patreon Page, I’d love for you visit and take advantage of the Special Offer I’ve extended to Nov. 1st.

So What’s Next?- POV in Print

Inspired by the death of my mother, POV not only serves as a 365-Day inspirational calendar, but also as an astrological planner SPECIFIC to your birthdate that helps you understand YOUR life path and cycles to make better choices using Cardology (a.k.a. The Destiny Cards)- an ancient astrological system hidden in the deck of playing cards. But it doesn’t stop there! POV points the way for all light beacons to become better conscious co-creators of the life they desire by reclaiming their “virgin mindset.”

POV in Print on Dec. 10th!

POV is a total of 444 pages and currently only available as an e-book. This gives me an opportunity to first offer it at a cheaper rate and make any additional edits before it’s in paper. The print version will be available on my Earthday– Dec. 10th. My objective is to make the complex system of Cardology more accessible by providing a fun, hands-on approach to learning. You will receive daily inspiration and be able to record your daily personal card influences and notes in the book. However, you will need your Yearly Report and Weekly Calendar Report to maximize the benefits of this book and that’s where the savings come in when you purchase now & become a patron.

Special Offer Extended to Nov. 1st!!

If you’ve read this far and any of this resonates with you, I invite you to join me on my journey on Patreon because not only will you be supporting me, you’ll also be saving money!


About DeBorah

My mission is to motivate myself and other magnetic, melanin aware light beacons to become better conscious co-creators of the life they desire, while removing race, gender and generational blockages on the path to planetary oneness.

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