Thurs. Nov. 14th: Starting A New

Sealing Six Years Since Her Sunset

Thursday Nov. 14, 2019

Today is a special day because not only did my grandmother and my mother make their transition on Nov. 14th , they also passed away on a Thursday, which is also the day of the week I was born.

This is the first Thursday, November 14th since my mother’s sunset and I see this as an opportunity to re-set and start anew in my own life in two ways.

Committing 49 Days for Daisy

Starting Thursday, November 14th to Jan. 1st, I will commit and dedicate my 2 hr Vipassana meditation practice to contributing to changing the world in honor of my mother Daisy.

In July 2019, The Himalayan Institute initiated a A Year-Long Meditation Program that allows you to play a part in shifting the energy on the planet no matter what religion or tradition you hail from.With an innovative app to track your meditation/prayer time and FREE on-line resources, you can be part of a non sectarian community with the sole purpose of changing the world energetically, which can now be proven scientifically. Please Watch this video from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD to see how this is so. Energy flows where attention goes! I hope you take the time to be a part of this amazing and worthwhile endeavor! Learn More Here.

Himalayan Institute Year Long Meditation

Year Long Meditation Program

KDP Select 90 Day Kick Off for POV

Starting Thursday, November 14th to Feb. 11th, I enrolled my latest book, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards in Amazon’s KDP Select program.

7- Day Kindle Countdown Starting Saturday, Nov. 16th!

Purchase POV @ $1.99!!

Starting on Saturday, Nov. 16th, you can purchase POV on Amazon for $1.999 & the price will go up each day for 7 days before it goes back to it’s original price. This will be one of my last sales before the price goes up around my birthday on Dec. 10th when the print version is also due to come out.

Purchase POV for $1.99 Starting November 16th

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My mission is to motivate myself and other magnetic, melanin aware light beacons to become better conscious co-creators of the life they desire, while removing race, gender and generational blockages on the path to planetary oneness.

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