A Shout Out To All My Supporters

Tuesday Tribute

A shout out to everyone that has supported the Pushing Daisy Drive thus far. I also want to hail up everyone that has shopped on Amazon from my affiliate link or has read and shared this blog. Your comments and support have truly made this journey worthwhile. Next week, I hope to have more information on how you can be involved in the pre-book launch activities I’m planning in the near future.

Diasy Drive Donors

* David King  * William Scott, Jr.  *Janice Donovan  * Isaac Causey *Sharonda Caldwell  * LaVerne Freemon  * Lumumba Corriette  * Cher Hermschulte  *Camara Barbara Knight

Remember, it’s never too late to spread the word on social media, to help out by shopping on

OR by making a donation or volunteering your professional services.

One Love,


PS. Go to the Pushing Daisy Drive Page to learn more about the fundraiser goals and the other ways you can contribute.

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