A Co-Creation Experiencia

Honey Comb Creations is a bi-weekly series of posts featuring poetry and prose whenever they flow, and just like honey from a jar, I hope they sweeten your life wherever you are!

This episode features a rare Honey Comb CoCreation between myself and Experiencia Spanish  School in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. As their former English teacher, I was an extra in the their video promo and helped to better translate some of the script into English. Oh! And guess who’s doing the voice over? That’s right, yours tru-bee. Enjoy!

A War Message

This 2012 re-post is a blast from the past that I thought might serve as a relevant reminder during this time of war. It’s so easy to look at the events in the world today and begin to blame and become indignant. Even so, this Sept. 28, 2012 re-post and this quote below are my reminders.

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”

Lao Tzu

Honey Comb

A Message to Myself (a re-post)

This message is to myself. I’m writing to that part of me that’s played the murderer, the messiah, the masochist, the messenger. The me that’s played the terrorist, the rapist, the racist. The one that’s been the rioter, the revolutionary, the prophet and the “devil incarnate.”

I’m writing this message for me. There is no one else I need to refer to because it’s all me. If I can truly see and address MYSELF, then I can address all else- the “other myself” with all my heart. Not only does this give me the “credentials” to do so, it gives me the needed empathy, insight and compassion to see myself reflected back in all there is.

Yet, as it stands right now- This Ain’t Happening!

So, I’m the healer and spiritual messenger that wants to help. But I’ve got to help myself by seeing myself in everyone else. Just think about it DeBorah. If you look around you in this healer’s role and all you see is sick and wounded people, what does that say about you? Am I sick? Am I wounded? Am I a jealous backbiting so and so that’s so easy for me to identify in the other? Could it be I’ve come here with a passion to help and care because I have been there or (more accurately) helped to put another “there” in a past life somewhere? Could it be that if I see others judge and blame, that I’ve done (or am doing) the same? In this life or another, to one degree or other, have I been backbiting and fire igniting?

So today, there is only me in this world. What I see back is a reflection of me. If it’s beautiful. It’s me. If it’s terrible, it’s all me!

And yet, at the same time, how can it all be G.O.D. as well? Maybe I’m just an actress in G.O.D.’s many movies, so that all of it and none of it is really me. G.O.D just needs me to bring the movies to life. But then why would G.O.D create a production with all this pain and suffering? Given that I’ve been given free will, I guess it’s the same as in life. The “drama” that goes on during and behind the scene of any production isn’t that of the writer, director or producer, yet it’s what happens when every actor has been given a mind of their own to express their creative talents. For the writer, director and producer, the risks are higher using a “real” cast of characters, yet the rewards are far more fulfilling. The Creator’s job it to coordinate the show and keep everyone in harmony, along with his “staff of angels” overseeing every aspect of the production. They are the ones behind the scene cueing the actors with their lines when they forget, hoping they’ll have total recall and regain their confidence and stage presence once again.

Would I ever think that when I go to the movies it’s being created while I watch it? No! Beginning, middle and ending, it’s all been carefully written and is being played out on a projector of light, caption by caption for my viewing pleasure.

This is a great analogy. G.O.D the father is the mastermind behind the whole production and G.O.D the mother (mamma matrix)  is the script in every actor’s hand that glues the whole thing together. Written by G.O.D the father and set into motion by G.O.D the mother, the “s/hero” or G.O.D the son, plays the role of the redeemer and/or destroyer of that which came before.

The reason why G.O.D loves and accepts each and every one of us is because G.O.D knows, we are not the role we are playing and have merely forgotten our lines in the agreement we made to be actors in the many movies of creation.

The reason why my person doesn’t love everybody is because it doesn’t know this. My person (that aspect of my essence Self that identifies with form and fear) has an intellectual knowledge of this union, but hasn’t made it an habitual direct experience. Vipassana meditators know this state as equanimity. It’s the emotional stability that comes from a balanced mind in situations of gain or loss and the serenity of knowing ones true self at all times, first through achieving intellectual knowledge and then through direct experience.

Since when did I get so caught up in my temporary suffering to ever doubt, that as I look out, I’m only seeing me? In the child abuser and the cocaine user, it’s still all me. It’s all G.O.D. It’s all fine. And yet, how do I stay in this place of the heart, when looks can be so damned deceiving? How do I live it, instead of just talk about it?

What if I imagined that everyone I want to reach and teach and help and assist were really assisting me? What if they were the ones making the sacrifice for my remembrance that none of this is real? What if the only thing to get is that I am it? All of it! What if I had no book that I had to write and no audience that had to hear my message? What if going inside myself and touching G.O.D was enough, without ever having to leave my front yard?

This is why today and always, everything I’m doing and writing and sharing is a message to myself. If I have the slightest idea that it can ever be done for the good of others rather than the joy of expression to “another myself,” then I have no business doing nada! If I have the slightest idea that “someone” owes me anything or that I owe “anyone” anything for my gift of expression, then I had better come again.

There isn’t anybody here but the One, expressed in the Trinity (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) coming out of the None. The Three, that is the One, that is the None. From nothingness came all of creation and back to nothingness do we all return. Until the next go round!

Bee a Queen or a King AND a Star

Honey Comb

“The knowledge to master our weaknesses to make them strengths is important, but the wisdom to master the power born out of our strengths is even more important.” -DeBorah Bellony

Everything is Relative
When it comes to male and female relationships, we are more alike than we like to think. It’s just a matter of whether we are “inside or outside” of each other, connected or unconnected-literally. For example, when a man is not “inside” a woman, he is not really that interested in a lot of communication and her need to express her feelings about every little thing. However, when he is “inside” of her, he wants to know exactly how she is feeling and communication becomes the holy grail.

Another example, when a man is “outside” of a woman, she detests his innate desire to “spread his seed.” However, say the woman wants to get pregnant. Then she becomes really interested in how plentiful, how far and how vast his seed can spread so that the best sperm is selected for her baby.

The End of Dualism
As we come to an end to duality consciousness, the traditional gender, race and generational roles we have played are changing. This is not so much because we have strayed away from the “original plan,” as much as it is because Life/ The Universe/ G.O.D. uses the sum total of all of our experiences so we can all become the master or spiritually evolved “grown-ups” we were are all destined to be-in our own time. Because we are all aspects of the Creator experiencing Itself through Its creation, there essentially isn’t any failure. I guess it’s similar to the biblical story of the prodigal son coming home. Yet, when we don’t see life from this perspective we are like the jealous, elder son that doesn’t see why his father son would celebrate the coming home of his wayward brother.

In Chapter 1 of my e-book, Afraid of Our Own Shadow, I state that as the universe and world evolves, as well as individuals within it, there are consequences and timelines for holding certain conclusions (judgments) that eventually meet up with a certain fate. It doesn’t matter how seemingly “good or bad” these conclusions are, when we see it as only being one way or another, our persons will eventually have the opportunity to experience its opposite as well.

“The most powerfully potent thing on the planet is our perception.” -DeBorah Bellony

As humanity evolves to its next playing field of existence, a new perception of the interconnectedness of all things must be adopted to be able to hold the higher frequencies. In the blog post, “J” is for Jack and January is for Initiation,  I state that all numbers after 10 enter a level of mastery or what I call androgyny, where they are both odd and even or male and female. In other words, there is an aspect of balance or non dualism inherent in them. For example, a 2 is a 2 and that means it’s an even number. No matter how you slice it, it’s polarized. However, 11 is an odd number, but when you add it together 1+1=2, it becomes and even number.

Two States and Two Types
There are two states of being and two types of beings on the planet. The two states are awake and asleep, and the two beings are initiated and uninitiated. All four are relative in certain areas and to certain degrees, so everyone can have a little of all four, depending on the area of life we are talking about.

The initiated being can be likened unto a King or Queen in that area. They can also be likened unto the perfect, most caring father or mother that provides and/or nurtures their child to become the true adults they will someday be, with the least amount of drama. They never force their sexual or aspirational desires on that child because of their own integrity, impeccability, emotional maturity and self discipline.

In the area of personal, intimate relationships, every Queen is initiated through loving every uninitiated man “as if” he were his son, and every King is initiated through loving every uninitiated woman “as if” she were his daughter. What do I mean by this?

There are no heavy sexual, financial or emotional projections or expectations. There aren’t any “not my kin” issues that would prevent him or her from displaying a “perfect” love in that connection. In other words, there is an instinctual, deeply rooted connection and vested interest in seeing this individual thrive, irregardless of ones own personal desires.

Be A Star!
There are two things we like to go around saying. One is that we are Kings or Queens, and the other is that we are Stars. So now that you have my definition of a King and Queen, let me give you my definition of a star. The true definition of a star is self-generated energy. A sun is a star and doesn’t need anything from the planets that revolve around it. Instead, it generates energy, shining a beautiful life-force to all it supports.

So let me ask, are you a King or a Queen? Are you a star? To what degree and how far? May we all embody our Auset and Ausar!

Needs and Wants

Today’s selection was originally posted over a year ago on DeBellony’s Blog. If this is your first time reading, enjoy!

Honey Comb

“Let wisdom be your guide and common sense your pattern” – Rich Johnson

I’m the type of woman who gives a man what he needs, not what he wants. More accurately put, I give him what he needs first and then what he wants. Because of this, a man usually does the same for me. It would be lovely if we both could just give each other what we want and need, but that would largely be a matter of what is going on within us.

As a society, we haven’t been taught nor has it been promoted, on how to dedicate our lives to valuing, committing and mastering this trait of going within to create without. There has just been too much to gain from the “powers that be” to have us learn this. That is… if you want to look at it this way.

In truth, “the Devil” gives us what we want and G.O.D. gives us what we need. And they are both one and the same. Two sides of the same coin.

A Word to My Sisters

Sometimes a man is over run by his wants and desires, whether they are “good or bad.” In this case, he will lie to G.O.D and to you to receive it. Letting this type of man into your heart is like bringing a virus into your dome. His true intention is not to hurt you, but the very nature of his lack of sincerity affects you directly.

Sometimes a man has a strong love for what he needs, but doesn’t have the courage or direction to really discover what these needs may be. It was never taught to him. It was never demonstrated by the men is his life. Yet, since he is like a ship without a sail, he brings this same lack of direction to your lap. Even if he brings you the moon, sun and stars, BEWARE. He can do all of this for the outside reflection, for it doesn’t require going within, the very place he is most afraid of.

Sometimes a man has a lack of commitment that interferes with what he knows he needs. One day he knows where he is going with his map in hand, ready for the journey. The next day the cares and carnal desires of a lower density keep him from taking the consistent and committed steps needed to bring him to his destination. This type of man is to be avoided or put on call from the get go. If this is not done, he brings this lack of commitment to your domicile and thus weakens your immunity.

You see, a man’s wants unchecked by his needs is like a cancer to a virtuous woman. Yet, it is the very thing she also needs versus what she wants. Her want is to share love freely and openly from her heart without care. Yet, her need is to share love with wisdom and unconditional love. This wisdom only comes from the inner, under and over-standing that the man she attracts to her is her mirror. This allows her to act accordingly from within, transforming what she manifests without.

I envision a new paradigm for intimate relationships where the focus is on how well we can support our mates in loving themselves (regardless of our personal wants), and on how well our mates support us in loving ourselves and being ourselves, above all else. This tiny shift in focus can make a world of a difference.

When a woman has a strong love for Self, she can keep her boundaries in place, not out of defensiveness or a need to manipulate and control, but out of a true love and respect for the Divine Laws of Nature and beyond that has the good of each person in mind and heart. This is the impersonal, unconditional love that we ALL came here to master.

It’s amazing how G.O.D uses one force to balance another. So when a man and woman are in balance with their needs and wants, they are ready to manifest that mate. The one that mirrors their true intent. There is no one outside to blame or put all their stock in and worry about losing. There is only Being THAT within and seeing it manifest in the world with grace, ease and glory!