Conscious Co-Creation: Steps 1 & 2

Today’s inspiration comes from Chapter 2 in my e-book Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. During the 10 Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign, I’ll be sharing seven steps to better conscious co-creation, three societal wounds that can prevent conscious co-creation, and four pitfalls and how to overcome them. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 2: Conscious Co-Creation: Steps 1 & 2
The first two steps that I’ll be sharing are intrinsically connected, so I’ll be including them together in this chapter. And of course, I’ll have an activity for you at the end. So, here are the first two steps:

Step # 1: Know Who and What G.O.D Is
Step # 2: Know Your Intrinsic Worth as an Aspect of Divinity

From the time I could read and write, the search for self-definition was the subconscious motivation for everything I did. This compelled me on a path that included religious, astrological, metaphysical and healing arts studies in order to understand my place in the universe. At age 18, I had a revelation that changed my understanding of everything. This revelation was experienced in every aspect of my being and wasn’t based on anything I read or was told. It became crystal clear to me that we are not only connected to, but are part of the Creator, and that life is categorized by two motivations or movements. One is moving away from the Creator, and the other is moving back toward the Creator.

As a result of this revelation, I became content, but not complacent. I was content because I understood for the first time that “who I am” is essentially an individuation of Divinity here to demonstrate this Divinity through everything that I feel, do, and react to in this world. I was content because I realized that in this fail proof journey of moving away and returning to Source, we are all aspects of the Creator experiencing Itself through Its creation and there essentially isn’t any failure.

So to explain this in a more practical way or a down to earth way, I like to use the example of an electrical outlet. Without one, no appliances can work. It gives energy to everything. The beauty of life is in how everything and everyone expresses the energy they are given. So for example, one plugs into the outlet, turns it on and wow, they discover that they are a fan here to blow the air of understanding on humanity. Another plugs in and boom they discover that they are a washing machine, here to clean and wash out the misconceptions that prevent humanity’s ascension and so on.

Although I am content with this knowledge, I am also not complacent, for as G.I. Joe says, “Knowing is only half the battle.”

My challenge is to state to the world with clarity and integrity who I am expressing my self to BE, based on my actions in every moment. Because essentially, after we know who we are BEING, it’s what we DO that gives expression and celebration to our Source and says the most about us at any given time. Okay, so with that said, here is you your activity for this chapter.

Activity for Steps 1 & 2

From what you know about yourself to date, what would you like to experience and create in your life? Also, what legacy would you like to leave for the next generation? Someone once told me, “There is no success without successors.” I always remembered that because since a lot of this knowledge wasn’t passed down to the next generation (for many reasons we won’t get into here) our persons have become so disconnected to our true essence today. So please take the time to give this some thought and write it down. Next we’ll be covering Step #3

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