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I want to share some upcoming free opportunities for all you writers out there:

MAY 9th- National Association of Memoir Writer’s Free All Day Tele-summit
Every season, NAMW gives a free all-day telesummit 10am-4pm PDT to help us with our memoir writing and marketing. The theme for Spring 2014: Angles of View-Writing and Sharing Your Memoir.Every season is always full of helpful tips, inspiration and new contacts and opportunities. There is still time to sign up for it today, and even if you don’t have time to attend, you will be able to download the calls afterwards at no cost. There is nothing to buy. Hope to see you there! You can sign-up here.

May 19th-30: Transformational Author Experience 2014
For the past five years Christine Kloser has been hosting a live on-line event to help aspiring authors with a message to write, publish and promote their book with over 22 hours of free-training (when you attend live or within 48 hrs). The first time I attended, I was blown away by all the information and inspiration I received. Even if you aren’t able to listen to every presentation within the time frame, it is certainly worth signing up when you have 21 bestselling authors, agents, publishers and transformational leader sharing some invaluable information. Hope to see you there too! You can sign-up here.

Pitfall #3 to Conscious Co-Creation

Today’s inspiration comes from Chapter 8 of my e-book, Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 8: Pitfall #3 to Conscious Co-Creation

In this chapter, we’ll be covering the third pitfall to Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator

Pitfall #3

Attempting to Co-Create Without Understanding Your Life Cycles

Okay, here is the part in the book where I’d like to do two things. One is clear the bad rap that astrology has been getting these days in this era of “we can create our own reality” and two is to make a shameless plug for my services. So let’s cover number one.

As a collective, we’ve reached a time in our evolution where many scientific breakthroughs have occurred enabling us to better understand the inner working of our minds, our emotions, our DNA and essentially the world. For some, it’s an empowering experience when they realize they can “rewrite the script” that was given to them from their parents, their society, and now even from their DNA.

For a lot of people, life on earth has been experienced as hell and they just want to change it. Subconsciously and for some consciously, they don’t understand how a loving G.O.D would make them suffer through what they’ve been through as part of a Divine Plan and as a backlash, they’ve come to rely more on science for the answers and the code to rewrite this miserable script. They say, “To hell with astrology and all its predetermined BS. That doesn’t apply to me now because I can rewrite my script.” Or they say, “A new day is dawning, God consciousness is within me, and all of that stuff is obsolete or doesn’t apply.”

Yet, I’m here to say that every single action we take in our lives, every experience we’ve had has meaning and is fulfilling a purpose and it’s the purpose and meaning WE give it.

In the movie “Matrix 2,” Neo asks the oracle, “If you already know, how can I make a choice.” She replies, “Because you didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it.”

When we as a collective lost our connection to Godsource, we also lost the connection and awareness between our Higher Self and Lower Self and our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. Understanding this, it becomes evident, that before wanting to go changing any script, we should focus on healing this disconnection. By focusing on understanding what the Creator and our Higher Self were up to before we incarnated here on earth, we unify this disconnection and thus become enlightened. Enlightened to what, you may ask? Enlightened to your whole Self, the unity of our conscious and subconscious mind, which, to me, is the true definition of Self-Love.

In doing this, we will find that up to that point of enlightenment, there was little of nothing that needed changing-only our perception and perspective about it.

Now some of you may be saying, “That’s nice, but I’m getting my ass kicked from my mate.” Or, “I just lost my job and I have nine mouths to feed.” Or, “I didn’t choose to get molested and raped by someone who says they love me. What do you say to this?”

Well first, I say the words from a B.T. Express song, “Do it. Do it. Do it to your satisfied, whatever it is.” And this could be to agree or disagree, to be angry, a victim, or seek revenge, to search for answers and make amends or ultimately to meet your end. It’s all good, because there will eventually come a time when you’ll be satisfied and move on to the next thing. And in my opinion, this is the best and only way we can ever do it.

Second I say, if circumstances have brought you here where you are reading my words, then there is a part of you, somewhere, that is ready to pay a bill that’s due.

So again, before we go rewriting the default programs that govern our existence, we need to understand and appreciate the great perfection that is already at the core of everything, including ourselves AND our experiences. An unknown author once said, “The journey is the dream. All that goes into the journey makes the dream worthwhile.” G.O.D, getting the chance to experience Itself through It’s creation, is the greatest and grandest Heroes or Shero’s Journey of them all.

Now for number two. Here is where I make a shameless plug for my services.

But first, here’s another analogy. Let’s say you don’t know for sure whether your light bill or your phone bill is due this week and you pay the wrong one and your lights get turned off. That can be an inconvenience right?

Well, the reason why understanding you life cycles to make better choices is so important is because it gives you a type of guideline of when certain cosmic bills AND paychecks are due. Or more accurately, can be due, based on your attitude, your perspective, and your actions. Because one man’s bill can be seen as another man’s paycheck and one woman’s paycheck can be seen as another woman’s bill.

Before I say anything else, I just want to share with you my approach to astrology and the Destiny Card system. First of all, you are NOT your card or sign. You are a divine reflection of the Creator and inherently capable of creating a life that includes ANYTHING you desire to co-create. Yet, just as the doctor makes the uniform and not the uniform the doctor, so too the person makes the card or sign and not the card or sign the person. Understanding why you chose a certain life path based on your birthdate brings clarity so that you can capitalize on strengths, minimize weaknesses and tap into the power of who you truly are.

Also, just as a farmer’s knowledge is useless if she doesn’t till the soil, plant the seed, and nurture it, so too is the knowledge gained from astrological consultations useless if one doesn’t apply it in life.

In the Destiny Cards system (an ancient form of astrology and numerology preserved in the ordinary deck of playing cards), the year begins on your birthday and is broken down into seven 52 day periods.

Each one of these seven periods is ruled by a planet. For instance, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc. These periods are the same for every year and are specific to your date of birth. For example, my 52 day Jupiter period starts on May 16th of every year. What I know about Jupiter is that it brings my greatest gifts, so I usually begin business ventures at this time. There is a lot more to this fascinating system, but I won’t go any further here. To learn more, you can go to my website Positive Options so that was Pitfall # 3. Next, we’ll be covering the biggie-Pitfall #4

Pitfall #2 to Conscious Co-Creation

Today’s inspiration comes from Chapter 7 of my e-book, Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 7: Pitfall #2 to Conscious Co-Creation

In this chapter, we’ll be covering the second pitfall to Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator.

Pitfall #2

Attempting to Co-Create Without Releasing Old Programming

We all want to have positivity in our lives. We want to be positive, think and act positive and create positive things. Yet, there is only one way to make it to the next positive and promising day and that is by going through the night. This natural phenomena of day and night, serves as a simple analogy, here in life to show us that this is and on-going process. This process can lead to more and more good in our lives, in cycles and cycles IF we just allow it to.

Now we’ve already covered some techniques to release old programming in a previous chapter. And we’ve also covered how important it is to let this process run its own course, so I won’t say much more here except for one thing. Beware of the Quick Fix! Here’s another analogy to bring this point home:

Imagine this. Let’s say you are one of those people who now understands the importance of self sufficiency and developing a relationship with Mother Earth. So you made it a priority to buy some land and now you want to grow food so you can eat from your own garden. So there you are one day, working in the yard, learning all this stuff for the first time and along comes Jack or should I say Jackal? Anyway, that’s not important. So he sees you working in the yard and he steps to you and says, “Why are you out here working in the hot sun?” You reply, “Because I want to create a garden I can eat from.” He replies, “Oh, is that it? You want to eat. Oh man, I know a way where you can be eating in no time. You don’t have to worry about digging and planting and breaking your back, then waiting and worrying about the harvest season.” You look up at him and say, “Really?”, curious to know what he has in mind. Then he says, “Yeah, they just opened up a farmer’s market 5 minutes from here. They sell everything and it’s all organic. All you have to do is go and buy what you want. They even accept visa and food stamps!”

Now, if you were really serious about your newly found convictions of establishing a relationship with the Earth and being self sufficient, wouldn’t you look at him sideways? Yet, if you weren’t really serious, you might say, “Weeeell, he’s got a point.”

So, I share this story to say, there are no quick fixes. What I’m sharing with you in this book can be likened to me showing up in your yard that day and saying, “Oh, so you are growing food too! Here, let me share with you what I learned from my almanac about when is the best time to plant that seed.” Or, “I know where you can order the best quality seeds and new garden tools. I also belong to this local first time farmers group that can share lots of tips with you.” Like that. So, again, there are no quick fixes. Okay, that was Pitfall #2. Next, we’ll be covering Pitfall #3.

It’s Time to FOCUS

 10-Month Mission

When I first launched the 10-Month Manifest Your Desires Campaign, I mentioned how my two internal desires of tapping into happiness and allowing true intimacy in all of my relationships would serve as my foundation to accomplishing my two external goals of travel writing and book publishing.  After re-reading Leo Babauta’s free e-book FOCUS: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction, I realized that in order to accomplish these goals, I have to simplify and focus on what’s most important to avoid distraction. It’s amazing how fast time flies. It’s hard to believe that I’m already 2 1/2 months into my 10-month mission and I’m nowhere near where I’d hope to be. All the processing and buzzing around I’ve been doing during the past few months has certainly taken it’s toll on my psyche.

I’m not completely sure how I plan to simplify my life over the next  7 1/2 months; however, I do know that by surrendering to this process of “co-creation” with the Creator, I am truly learning to “T.A.P.” into happiness: T-rusting that G.O.D and my guides want my success more than I do, A-ccepting what manifests in my life, knowing all things (good and bad) are ultimately serving a perfect purpose, and being P-resent in my body with presence and gratitude at all times.

A Wonderful Opportunity
I found out a week ago that I got accepted into my first 20-Day Vipassana course. This means that I will be in silence and disconnected from all electrical devises for most of April. Astrologically speaking, April promises to be a powerful month with a lunar (April 15th) and solar (April 29th) eclipse, as well as a grand cross (April 23rd) involving fours planets in the celestial skies that is sure to impact world history.

During this time, my business and blog will be on hold. I am glad to have this opportunity to use this energy in a way that can bring clarity in how I run my business and the creative vision for my future projects.

Right now, my biggest challenge is trusting that I will still have the time and resources to “manifest my desires” by November 14th like originally planned. Wish me luck!

Diasy Drive

So far, I haven’t received any direct donations for the Pushing Daisy Drive, so if you have the resources and opportunity to contribute in any way and you haven’t (even if it’s just spreading the word) please consider doing so.


You can make a donation of ANY amount. However, with a minimum $10 Manifestation donation, your name and/or organization will be listed on the Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute weekly post.

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Shop at Amazon for any product starting from my affiliate link and help contribute to the drive. You can also purchase products from my  WIAE Amazon Store.


If you have skills in any of the following areas, I could use your assistance:

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Your Emotional Guidance System

Today’s inspiration comes from Day 132 of  Manifest Your Desires: 365 Ways to Make Your Dreams A Reality by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Once you understand your own Emotional Guidance System, you will never again be confused about where you are in relationship to where you want to be. Also, you will feel, with each thought that you offer, whether you are moving closer to, or further from, your desired outcome. If you are using any other influence as your source of guidance, you will get lost and go off track, for no others understand, as you do, the distance between where you are and where you want to be.

A Change of Heart @ the 11th Hour

Diasy Drive

At the 11th hour, I have decided to change my travel writing schedule to begin in summer instead of spring, and to also make some changes to my business that will affect the Pushing Daisy Drive (more on that later).

Aside from the obvious (that I’m not ready), there’s another reason for this change brewing within me that hasn’t totally manifested, so I’m not able to fully articulate it like I’d like to.

Yet, I was inspired after reading Danielle Laporte’s post, Why We (Should) Change Our Minds at the 11th Hour. She gave me the confirmation I needed to know that I’m heading in the right direction. I was also amazed by another one of her posts, How to Let Go of a Dream  where she shares her story of how she pulled the plug on her magazine DANIELLE at the “11th hour.”

Grant it, although my decision to make upcoming changes is a lot less serious, I could definitely relate to her posts. In the next Pushing Daisy Tuesday Tribute, I will be posting this upcoming change, so please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Pitfall #1 to Conscious Co-Creation

Today’s inspiration comes from Chapter 6 of my e-book, Afraid Of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide to Conscious Co-Creation. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

Chapter 6: Pitfall #1 to Conscious Co-Creation

In this chapter, we’ll be covering the first pitfall to Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator.

Pitfall #1

Attempting to Co-Create Without Knowing Who We Are

Now we already covered how important it is to know Who and What GOD is and our intrinsic worth as an aspect of Divinity. Believe me when I say that this is crucial to our ultimate success. If you don’t understand your worth, and more importantly, if you don’t really believe and truly know just what you are an expression of, like you know your name or when you have to go to the bathroom, then you can NEVER be a conscious co- creator for long (and I’ll explain what I mean by for long in a minute).

Imagine this. Say you want to plant a mango tree but you don’t know what the seeds look like and someone sold you some apple seeds and told you they were mango seeds. Your person might be shocked and even disappointed when harvest time came and you see apples instead of mangoes growing. Now, was the problem nature’s fault that you didn’t get mangos? Did the process of planting and harvesting let you down? No! The issue was you didn’t know the value or worth or essence of the seed that you bought.

Let’s get back to my comment about not being able to be a conscious co-creator for long without knowing your Intrinsic Divinity.

Since the time that we as a collective lost our connection to Godsource, we have all been a work in progress. This progress and process happens in cycles and cycles. Essentially and ironically, it’s the reason why we are actually even here. So all the things that we’ve ever done to improve ourselves and our position in the world. All the rituals and chants, all the vegan food, nutritional supplements and nanogold, all the meditation and brain entrainment and hypnosis, all the cleansing baths and spiritual transmissions from spiritual healers, all of these things are essential and help us along on our journey, especially if we feel called to them for whatever reason.

Yet, if we think these things give us power, rather than the power being within, they may work for awhile because they are powerful practices, but eventually we have to run into our own limiting beliefs about Who GOD is and Who we are in relationship to this Source, in cycles and cycles. It’s what we signed up for when we incarnated here on Earth.

There’s a line I love in the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood when an old lady gives the main character this advice, “Sooner or later, everybody’s bill comes due.” I’ll talk more about this cyclical “paying of dues” in another pitfall later. Okay, that was Pitfall #1. Next, we’ll be covering Pitfall #2

Mapping Your Desire

Today’s inspiration comes from the book cover and text of a great book entitled The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals With Soul by Danielle Laporte. A friend shared this book with me and I thought it could serve as a great inspiration for manifesting our desires. Enjoy!

Manifest Mondays

“Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerful thing you can do with your life.”

And I love the way Danielle explains the benefits of feeling worthy for your desires:

Focus on creating your core desired feelings, and as you begin to generate better feelings and experiences, you will feel increasingly worthy of the richness of life. When you believe in your birthright to fulfillment, you take the desperation factor out of chasing your dreams. This quells greed-and puts a stop to the winner-loser mentality.

And there’s a beautiful twist that happens when you assume your worth: you value other people more. Because when you’re operating from a place of wholeness and value, you see value in other people and you reinforce the belief that there’s enough to go around for all of us. So in this sense, your self-worth is a service to humanity.

Getting To Know Daisy- Part 4

Today, I share the fourth and final part of the eulogy that I read for my mother’s funeral, along with my side note sharing the legacy and lasting impression she left on my ex-boyfriend, her ex-roommate and our very good friend Isaac.

Tuesday Tribute

The two most endearing qualities I’ll always remember about my mother are how she unceasingly prayed for those she loved (especially her children) and how she was always passionate and giving in everything she did.

Now both these qualities had a high and low side, like the time when I was in college and she prayed and prayed for me NOT to go to Africa for safety reasons, even though I really wanted to. Or how she was so passionate and giving of advice on how I should live my life- even when it wasn’t asked for.

My mother didn’t leave a financial legacy, but what she did leave was a  foundational one. What I mean by this is that she seeded in me the importance and responsibility of integrating ALL aspects of my person for the fullest and greatest expression of who I chose to be. She taught me that it’s okay to be sweet and sharing, as well as to swing a sword when needed. In this society (and especially for woman), it seems hard for people to accept strength and compassion in the same person. We are either strong and ruthless or compassionate and a doormat. All her life, my mother strove to integrate both, and I believe her health suffered as a result of this.

When I apprenticed in acupuncture, I learned that when a person is deficient in yang energy, they need to be cooled down (cold) and when a person is deficient in yin energy, they need to be warmed up (hot). Yet, the most dangerous condition is what my teacher, Dr. Ken Wright, called “flip flop.” That is when a person alternates between hot and cold. He gave a great analogy of what happens to a paper clip when you consistently bend it back and forth. It breaks!

For my mother, you were either in or out with her, on her good side or on her bad side, and she wore all her emotions on her sleeve for the world to see. She was fond of saying, “You can call me a lot of things, but I’m not a hypocrite.” This is so true of Daisy because she would let you know exactly where you stood. The truth is, because she was so compassionate and giving from her heart, she felt and reacted to the sting of seeming betrayal and the hurt of ungratefulness more deeply than others. In the end, going back and forth in these extremes was the ultimate blow to her health.

On Thursday, November 14, 2013, Daisy Elizabeth Teresa King Bellony was called home to her God. She will join her mother, who also died on Thursday, November 14, 56 years ago. I would like to close this eulogy in my mother’s own words taken verbatim from a journal entry she made on Friday, February 10, 2011:

I am grateful for life and the love of God. I am grateful for all the blessings I experienced in the past days especially. I am grateful for traveling mercies. I desire that the Holy Spirit guide me in all things. I desire health, happiness and divine guidance for my children Moleto, Gerald, Richard and Deborah. I desire guidance in starting this mission that I so dearly esteem to bring souls to Christ and at the same time contribute to health and healing of the nation. I give thanks. So mote it be. Amen, Amen and Amen!

Side note:

Tribute: From Isaac Causey- Good Soil
It took me a couple of days to process that my good friend, adopted mom, personal nutritionist and life-saver had transcended to a higher realm. While I originally felt sad, I then realized that SEED becomes more powerful when put into the ground. Like any seed which appears to have no life, Daisy E. Bellony will blossom into a useful spiritual tree, providing nutrients (source of growth), shade (comfort) and sustainability to many. This is evident from what she toiled on Earth- good soil (children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends). Through us, the love, hope, joy and faith she prepped, groomed and nurtured in the physical will produce hundred-fold in the lives of people throughout the Caribbean and the United States.

As a child, I had these images of God- a big untouchable face in the sky that was too important to approach. Life’s journeys and revelations taught me that God actually comes to Earth in the form of a humbled, helpless baby, who is at the mercy of humans. Indeed, God is All-Powerful, Almighty and Omnipresent. However, God reveals Himself through common, ordinary people who take extraordinary steps of faith. Momma Daisy is one of those people who obeyed the call of Great Work when she saw humanity’s need and heard the Father’s order. As a follower of Jesus, she simply did what Jesus did- help the poor, counsel the trouble-minded, heal the sick, comfort the homeless and weary.

God is Spirit. The Powerful One does not have hands and feet. God needs people as much as people need God. Daisy answered God’s call on several levels- a trailblazing Caribbean woman in the medical field, a devoted church and family woman, a consummate professional, a brilliant business mind and an intellect with advanced degrees.

Now, Daisy has no more hands and feet. She is a seed in search of good soil. She needs us more than ever to continue the work she inherited from Jesus- feeding the hungry, counseling the trouble-minded, healing the sick, comforting the homeless and weary, and helping the poor.

Finding the Funds to be ‘First in Flight’

My good friend Christine emailed me asking for assistance so her adopted son Rainstar (Dominica’s first Kalinago Indian pilot) could manifest his desire to become the first commercial airline pilot. At 27, Rainstar has already made history. When he was only 16 years old, he was featured in the documentary film Celebration of Flight, where he partnered to build an airplane from scratch with the 78 year old retired Swedish pilot, Daniel Rundstroem.

Please take the time to hear his story and if you like what you are hearing, put your money where his heart is and Go Fund Rainstar. Below is a re-post from The

Pollination Pages

Dominica’s first Kalinago pilot excels seek public support

By Thomson Fontaine
February 24, 2014 12:05 A.M

rainstar luke

Rainstar Luke at the controls.

Salybia, Dominica (TDN) — Dominica’s first Kalinago to become a pilot is well on his way to earning his wings as a commercial airline pilot. For Rainstar Luke it has been and continues to be a long and determined struggle but the proverbial light at the tunnel’s end is already in sight.

Rainstar was born in Salybia, part of the Kalinago Territory on the South West coast of Dominica comprising a 3 000 acre swathe of land set aside for the Caribbean’s last remaining indigenous people.

As a child he was adopted into the loving family of Matthew and Christine Luke. Growing up on the family owned oyster mushroom farm, one of only a handful in the Caribbean helped Rainstar develop a very strong work ethic.

It was there during his formative years that he developed a keen interest and fascination with airplanes. “As a child everyone bought me model and toy airplanes, which helped develop my interest in aviation”, Rainstar fondly recalls.

“I was very fortunate to be always in the right place and time to meet and network with persons who shared my passion for escaping the bonds of mother earth,” he notes.

Rainstar’s first opportunity to sit in the cockpit and feel the controls of an aircraft came at a very young age. Family friends Mark Ellison and Cheryl McPherron who flew frequently between Dominica and Florida in their twin engine Cessna 421 made that possible.

They also provided him with books and aviation magazines and shared their knowledge of airplanes. “I fell in love with flying and awaited every opportunity to be in the cockpit. Flying brings me a sense of peace by focusing on the task at hand, being situational aware,” Rainstar stated.

Before pursuing his lifelong love of flying, Rainstar would make aviation history in Dominica. He partnered with Daniel Rundstroem, aged 78 a retired Swedish airline pilot residing in Cochrane and who owned a Thorpe 2 seat single engine aircraft. Together they built an airplane in Daniel’s garage using a Vans RV-8 kit.

Rainstar listened in awe to Daniels aviation stories as he spent his weekends and holidays working on the project. Daniel would eventually name the plane after him in honor for his dedication to the project.

Upon completion of the project, they traveled to Sun N Fun the second largest airshow in the USA to participate in the 100th anniversary of powered flight celebrations. Their feat would be chronicled in a documentary film ‘Celebration of Flight’ by Lara Juliette Sanders a German Director with Lombardo Films GMBH.

The retired pilot had flown all over Europe and Africa and counted the King of Yemen and Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia among his VIP passengers.

“Daniel was an inspiring mentor who provided me ground school lessons on air law, weight and balance, and weather theory which would later help me in my college courses,” he noted.


rainstar luke

Rainstar with his mentor Daniel Rundstroem works on building the aircraft.

“I learned age does not matter when it comes to accomplishing your dreams, your passion is the best motivation. I learned through our challenges we faced on our project that a positive attitude with perseverance leads to a productive outcomes,” he continued.

Soon after graduating high school in 2003, Rainstar enrolled in the ‘Professional Pilot Program’ at the Aviation Institute\Broward Community College where he first soloed. He later transferred to Phoenix East Aviation to complete his private pilot’s license.

In August 2008 he enrolled at the First Nations Technical Institute in Deseronto, Ontario, Canada in the aviation fixed wing diploma program. Two years later he received his Transport Canada\US Federal Aviation Administration commercial pilot’s license and multi-engine rating.

Unfortunately for Rainstar lack of funds forced him to discontinue his training, which would have allowed him to receive his ‘instrument rating’” to complete the requirements for an aviation diploma and eventual graduation.

Consequently, his present license as a commercial pilot is restricted to no commercial passenger flights more than 50 nautical miles in the day and no night flights. These limitations make him uncompetitive for hire at the present time.

To complete his training, and to remove the limitations on his license, Rainstar requires at least $15 000 USD. He views this as just another challenge of the many that he has had to overcome.

“I started this journey and I want to finish it to show all those who previously invested in me that I can achieve my dreams. I would like to serve as an inspiration for young Kalinago women and men to become involved with aviation as a career.

“My goal in life is to show that you can overcome challenges to become successful. Flying for me brings excitement and challenges, once the wheels leave the ground we are free from the bonds of earth with an amazing view. It brings a thrill and sense of happiness to me; being a pilot it is what I love most,” he notes.

Rainstar plans to enroll in Cornwall Aviation by June 2014 to complete his training. In an effort to raise the requisite funds he is appealing for support from the general public and have established a crowd funding website at GoFundMe .

He can also be contacted by email at or by cellphone at 202 603 0694.

The aspiring pilot is anxious to complete his training and begin to give back to his country and the many people that have helped him along the way. “My long term vision is to use my skills and talents in aviation to help my Kalinago Indian tribe and country Dominica develop in the aerospace industry. I believe there is a lot of potential to develop the aviation infrastructure and businesses,” he concluded.