Shots of Bee-U-Tiful Spots- Fyah Burning

Shots of Bee-U-Tiful Spots is one of two fundraising series that promotes photographers and youth programs on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. When you Pay What You Want (PWYW) for the featured photo donated by the featured photographer, you’ll also be contributing to the Pushing Daisy Drive,  and other youth programs.

The “Shots of Bee-U-Tiful Spots” Series features the exceptional photography of Sneferu Hotep, founder of Egiptian Church of Karast A’ashuq Youth & Prison Ministries. His eye for the perfect shot at the perfect spot is definitely hot (lol!).

History of Fyah Burning on St. Croix

Whether it be the historic “Fireburn” Labor Rebellion on Oct. 1, 1878 or the fire burning at a Rasta ceremony with Nyabinghi drumming and chanting, St. Croix is no stranger to fyah burning. This shot was taken at an African Liberation Day celebration. I’m sure my mother, the rebel and Zulu Queen Daisy would like this one!

“Fyah Burning” by Sneferu Hotep

About Sneferu Hotep

Sneferu Hotep is the founder and force behind the nonprofit Egiptian Church of Karast A’ashuq Youth & Prison Ministries. Their mission is to compassionately provide a supportive environment while uplifting and empowering all families in the Virgin Islands and surrounding areas. Through Agricultural, Educational, Spirit Counsel, and Youth Centered activities, the ministry addresses community issues by way of A’ashuq ”Divine Love”.  A portion of the photo sales will go toward funding their signature program in an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We Shoot Flutes, is an Agriculture, Art, and Music exploration program centered in cultural awareness and peace promotion directed toward children between the ages of 7-13. Stay tuned for more information on their crowdfundraiser.