Needs and Wants

Today’s selection was originally posted over a year ago on DeBellony’s Blog. If this is your first time reading, enjoy!

Honey Comb

“Let wisdom be your guide and common sense your pattern” – Rich Johnson

I’m the type of woman who gives a man what he needs, not what he wants. More accurately put, I give him what he needs first and then what he wants. Because of this, a man usually does the same for me. It would be lovely if we both could just give each other what we want and need, but that would largely be a matter of what is going on within us.

As a society, we haven’t been taught nor has it been promoted, on how to dedicate our lives to valuing, committing and mastering this trait of going within to create without. There has just been too much to gain from the “powers that be” to have us learn this. That is… if you want to look at it this way.

In truth, “the Devil” gives us what we want and G.O.D. gives us what we need. And they are both one and the same. Two sides of the same coin.

A Word to My Sisters

Sometimes a man is over run by his wants and desires, whether they are “good or bad.” In this case, he will lie to G.O.D and to you to receive it. Letting this type of man into your heart is like bringing a virus into your dome. His true intention is not to hurt you, but the very nature of his lack of sincerity affects you directly.

Sometimes a man has a strong love for what he needs, but doesn’t have the courage or direction to really discover what these needs may be. It was never taught to him. It was never demonstrated by the men is his life. Yet, since he is like a ship without a sail, he brings this same lack of direction to your lap. Even if he brings you the moon, sun and stars, BEWARE. He can do all of this for the outside reflection, for it doesn’t require going within, the very place he is most afraid of.

Sometimes a man has a lack of commitment that interferes with what he knows he needs. One day he knows where he is going with his map in hand, ready for the journey. The next day the cares and carnal desires of a lower density keep him from taking the consistent and committed steps needed to bring him to his destination. This type of man is to be avoided or put on call from the get go. If this is not done, he brings this lack of commitment to your domicile and thus weakens your immunity.

You see, a man’s wants unchecked by his needs is like a cancer to a virtuous woman. Yet, it is the very thing she also needs versus what she wants. Her want is to share love freely and openly from her heart without care. Yet, her need is to share love with wisdom and unconditional love. This wisdom only comes from the inner, under and over-standing that the man she attracts to her is her mirror. This allows her to act accordingly from within, transforming what she manifests without.

I envision a new paradigm for intimate relationships where the focus is on how well we can support our mates in loving themselves (regardless of our personal wants), and on how well our mates support us in loving ourselves and being ourselves, above all else. This tiny shift in focus can make a world of a difference.

When a woman has a strong love for Self, she can keep her boundaries in place, not out of defensiveness or a need to manipulate and control, but out of a true love and respect for the Divine Laws of Nature and beyond that has the good of each person in mind and heart. This is the impersonal, unconditional love that we ALL came here to master.

It’s amazing how G.O.D uses one force to balance another. So when a man and woman are in balance with their needs and wants, they are ready to manifest that mate. The one that mirrors their true intent. There is no one outside to blame or put all their stock in and worry about losing. There is only Being THAT within and seeing it manifest in the world with grace, ease and glory!