Aishah Shahidah Simmons is Loving With Accountability

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Incest and rape survivor, Aishah Shahidah Simmons is the producer and director of the award-winning film, NO! The Rape Documentary and the force behind the #LoveWITHAccountability Movement that examines how accountability is a powerful and necessary form of love needed to address Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). I first met Aishah in 2010 at a Vipassana Meditation course in India. She was documenting the historic gathering of African and African-Diasporic Vipassana meditators invited to meet the late S.N. Goenka, foremost lay teacher responsible for bringing Vipassana meditation to the West.

Fast Forward to 2017
Over seven years later, I ran into Aishah again while serving a 30/45-Day Vipassana meditation course. After completing her 30-Day course, I had the opportunity to interview Aishah and find out just how synchronistic her 30-day sit was to her father’s release from prison over 45 years ago!

Her Interview with Me

Her Powerful Mother & Daughter Interview

The Spin podcast host, Esther Armah, conducts a powerful  interview with Aishah and her mom, Dr. Simmons, as they share their touching story about the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Listen all the way to the end to at least 45 minutes, and I GUARANTEE you won’t bee the same!

Her Forward Book Contribution

Aishah Shahidah Simmons writes the Introduction to this insightful collection of stories written by over forty artists, activists, mothers, writers, and students who share the common bond of being survivors of sexual violence.

Dear Sister: Letters From Survivors of Sexual Violence