Coaching & Private Classes

¬†Consultations can combine coaching, the destiny cards, astrology, as well as energy clearing work all in one session. They are designed as self-help sessions focused on providing you the knowledge and tools to become a better conscious co-creator. And since there are many things to focus on in conscious co-creation coaching, sessions work best when you have a certain goal or question you’d like clarity on. After a coaching or private class you will:

  • Gain insight into your life’s purpose, your innate strengths and what may be blocking you from expressing them more fully
  • Gain clarity on the most important long-term and short-term transits influencing your life and how to make use of them
  • Better understand the blockages that have prevented you from achieving your goals and receive a clearing session to help release old charge so that more positive options can naturally rise to the surface
  • Learn simple, yet powerful self-help tools that can be used after the consultation to continue to remove blockages as they arise
  • Continue to receive on-going support through our newsletter, teleconference calls and other useful offerings

Coaching and Private Classes are great, especially if you’re already familiar with my work and you want to go even deeper. Maybe you’d like the additional support that on-going coaching services provide? Your next step would be to schedule a single session or ask me about my package plan.

60 Minutes: Conscious Co-Creation Coaching $97

All coaching sessions include a 15-30 minute clearing session. However, this is flexible based on your needs. The remaining part of the time can be used to address your conscious co-creation challenges. I will also share insight, give homework assignments and provide whatever resources or referrals needed to contribute to your conscious co-creation skills. An additional $25 is added for every  extra 15 minutes.

60 Minutes: 1-on-1 Destiny Card Classes $97

With over 15 years of astrological and destiny card experience, one-on-one classes with me is an excellent way to gain more in depth knowledge and clarity about The Card system, your personal life cycles and your relationships. These classes are for serious students and are NOT considered “readings,” as you will be learning the system as you go. Sessions are held via phone or Skype and an additional $25 is added for every¬† extra 15 minutes.

Sharing Powerful Practices & Principles for Conscious Co-Creation