POV Promo (Pt. 10 of 10)- Blook Part 2 of Ch. 3: Tools for F.O.O.L.S

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Part 2 of Chapter 3: Tools for F.O.O.L.S

Step 5: Understand Your Life Path and Cycles

“A fool with a tool still remains a fool.”-R. Buckminster Fuller

Key: Making Better Choices

In Cardology, an ancient form of Astrology and Numerology preserved in the ordinary deck of playing cards, each year begins on your birthday and is broken down into seven 52-Day periods. It’s my hope that by better understanding your life path and cycles, you’ll be given the tools to make better choices. Yet, the bottom line is, you still have to choose. And that’s when the S/hero’s Journey really begins!

My Approach

Before I give a more detailed introduction, I want to share with you my approach to Astrology and Cardology. First of all, you are NOT your sign or card. You are a divine reflection of the Creator and inherently capable of creating a life that includes ANYTHING you desire to co-create. Yet, just as the doctor makes the uniform and not the uniform the doctor, so too the person makes the card or sign and not the card or sign the person. You, your Higher Self and the Creator of All That Is agreed on a particular birthdate that was most beneficial for your person to have life experiences and NOT for life experiences to have you. But that is exactly what happens until you become a better conscious co-creator of the life you desire.

Just as a farmer’s knowledge is useless if s/he doesn’t till the soil, plant the seed, and nurture it, so too is the knowledge gained from consultations useless if you don’t apply it in your life, and that is exactly what this book hopes to help you do.

What’s So Important About Understanding Your Life Path and Cycles?

Understanding why you chose a certain life path based on your birthdate brings clarity so that you can capitalize on strengths, minimize weaknesses and tap into the power of who you truly are.

The person on the S/hero’s Journey that has reclaimed their Afrikan/Virginal mindset, is unclaimed by addictions, and has sent a powerful prayer out into the universe by focusing on what they want to consciously co-create with the Creator of All That Is becomes even more powerful when they understand their life path and cycles.

Here’s a simple example of what I’m talking about. Let’s say you don’t know for sure whether your light bill or your phone bill is due this week and you pay the wrong one and your lights get turned off. That can be an inconvenience right? Understanding your life path and cycles to make better choices is so important because it gives you a type of guideline of when certain cosmic bills and paychecks are due. Or more accurately stated, can be due, according to your attitude, your perspective, and your actions. Because one man’s bill can be seen as another man’s paycheck and one woman’s paycheck can be seen as another woman’s bill.

There is no magic here. With the right attitude and commitment, it doesn’t matter what hand you are given if you play your cards right. But first you have to know what the cards are and how to play the game. This leads us to the meat of the method and that is learning about Cardology and how to use this book.

The Destiny Card System- An Introduction

Why This System & Why Now?

Cardology (a.k.a. the Destiny Cards) is said to have originated in Atlantis and has until now been kept hidden by a mystical order. Based on Astrology and Numerology, and preserved in the deck of playing cards, the system is built on a mathematical formula that is NOT founded on divination like the more familiar tarot cards. The Order of the Magi has been responsible for preserving the system throughout the ages. Olney Richmond wrote one of the first books about the system in 1893 entitled The Mystic Test Book or The Magic of the Cards. The system was mostly unheard of until the 1990’s, when Robert Lee Camp, coining the system The Destiny Cards, made it more accessible through his books and software programs.

Cardology is Very Ancient, Yet Very New

Although this system is very ancient, dating back to the time of Atlantis, most people are not as familiar with it as they are astrology and numerology because of its secrecy. The late grand master, Olney Richmond, alleges that the system is mentioned in the Book of Revelations, 10:4, 10 & 11:

“And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write, but I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me ‘Seal up those things uttered by the seven thunders and write them not.’ And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and devoured it, and to my taste it was sweet as honey; but as soon as I devoured it, it became bitter to my inside. And he said unto me, ‘You must prophecy again before many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.”

What is interesting about this system is that it uses January 1st as the beginning of the year. Many people have criticized this date, associating it with the Gregorian calendar, as I did when I first started. Yet, what most people don’t know is that on December 31st and January 1st our sun is critically influenced by the stars Sirius and Vega. On December 31st, Sirius is at its highest (heliacal rising) overhead at midnight, while Vega is located directly opposite, below the horizon. As Sirius is rising in the east, Vega is setting in the west. The star Vega will be our north star instead of Polaris in approximately 12,000 years. I believe the reason Cardology is relevant and so accurate is because of its connection to these star systems.

Cardology is Unknown, Yet Well Known

Everybody is familiar with a deck of playing cards, which lends to its familiarity, yet hardly anyone is familiar with its mystical past, based on Astrology and an ancient mathematical formula. If I were to put it another way, I would say that every religion has its deeper knowing (i.e. Christianity and the Essenes, Islam and the Sufis, etc,). The Destiny Cards is the deeper knowing of Astrology that many astrologers are not even familiar with. Robert Lee Camp has made this system more accessible to the everyday person through his books, software and unwavering commitment to increase awareness about this accurate and time tested system. Like Robert, I am dedicated to uncloaking the mystery around this system so that everyone can use it in a practical way to understand their life path and cycles to make better choices. Unlike Astrology, Cardology is much easier for the lay person to grasp and immediately start using in their lives in a powerful and practical way.

The Destiny Cards uses your birth date to reveal your personality traits. It also gives insight into your life’s purpose and the challenges you have chosen to work with in your life and relationships. Like Astrology, the Destiny Cards is based on the Earth’s relationship to the Sun, as well as the other planets in our solar system. Note the similarities for yourself.

52 Cards in a Deck 52 Weeks in a Year
4 Suits 4 Seasons
13 Cards in a Suit 13 Moons in a Year
13 Cards in a Suit 13 Weeks in a Season

Also, if you add all the cards in the deck for their numerical value with each Jack, Queen, and King valuing 11, 12, and 13 respectively, you will get 364, with the Joker making 365.

All of these similarities are no coincidence, and neither is the time and day you were born. Our ancient ancestors understood that based on the Creator’s laws, each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year holds a certain vibration that correlates to the planets and anything initiated during these cycles holds a certain fate or destiny in relation to that planetary alignment. Some may ask, “What about free will? Are we not the masters of our fate?”

Herein lies the irony of the whole system. By understanding the influences that affect you, specific to your date of birth, you are better able to exercise your free will. For example, you may not be able to stop it from raining; however, having knowledge of a coming thunderstorm can lead you to “choose” to carry an umbrella and overcoat.

As I mentioned earlier, the year begins on your birthday in this system and is broken down into seven 52-Day periods that are each ruled by a planet. These seven 52-Day periods are called Planetary Ruling Periods (PRP). You also have Year-Long Influence Cards that are displayed in your yearly spread and change every year based on the mathematical formula the Destiny Card System was built on. Each year, there are potential ‘positive or negative’ aspects, as well as a variety of avenues for the card’s influence to manifest in your life. Only YOU can determine the outcome of how these influences manifest based on your attitude and the choices you make daily. This ultimately leads to more positive options.

Personal Life Cards

Your Personal Life Cards are determined by your date of birth and for the scope of this book, I will be focusing mostly on the Birth Card (BC) and the Planetary Ruling Card (PRC) with a few exceptions. Your Birth Card is what you came here to express and your Planetary Ruling Card is how you express it in the world.

How many Personal Life Cards you have and their significance will be determined based on the day you were born. For example, if you were born on December 31st, the day of the Joker Card, then this system doesn’t work for you; yet if you were born on Oct. 31st, you will have two Planetary Ruling Cards! We will get more into this in the following chapters.