Are Coaching Services Right For You?

Since I put a call out to the universe to work with the true light beacons, it’s possible you might need less hand holding and more finger pointing in the right direction leading to self-mastery and self-sufficiency. If you’re like me and have a matchstick personality that just needs to be lit with the inspiration and support that practical, hands-on coaching services can provide, then this is the right place for you.

Conscious Co-Creation Coaching Approach

Clients attracted to my coaching services are usually in a “shallow grave” and ready to break free from the illusion of lack and limitation, with just a little direction and support, allowing for more positive options to naturally manifest in their lives. If I’ve done my job right, our relationship may naturally morph into a powerful joint venture or you might enjoy my other products and services as they develop. My approach can be broken down into two core beliefs and two core objectives:

Two  Core Beliefs

You Are NOT Your Birth Card– You are a divine reflection of the Creator and inherently capable of creating a life that includes ANYTHING you desire to co-create. Just as the doctor makes the uniform and not the uniform the doctor, so too the person makes the card and not the card the person. Understanding why you chose a certain life path based on your birthdate brings clarity so that you can capitalize on strengths, minimize weaknesses and tap into the power of who you truly are. Another great analogy that is most appropriate here is that it’s not the cards that you were dealt, but how you play them that makes the biggest difference in the end.

You Have Co-Created Your Life– Your life, right now, for better or for worse, consciously or unconsciously, is a direct result of your co-creation. In some areas of your life this may be great. Yet in other areas, this can be a hard pill to swallow and this leads into my two coaching objectives.

Two  Core Objectives

Understand Your Life Path & Cycles– The destiny card system and its more complicated sister astrology can provide lots of great information on your personality traits, your past lives and a host of other things. Yet, just as the farmer’s knowledge is useless if she doesn’t till the soil, plant the seed, and nurture it, so too is the knowledge gained from consultations useless if one doesn’t apply it in life. My consultations focus on using the most powerful aspects of both the destiny cards and astrology to bring clear and concise insight on HOW to best shine your light with the least amount of obstacles and WHEN are your natural cycles of optimal illuminosity. In other words, the focus is on where you are going and what you bring to the table and not on where you’ve been.

Make Better Choices– As a beautiful expression of God Source that has the power to co-create anything, my objective is to bring clarity as to why you would choose lack in any area of your life. By becoming more aware of areas where you might be giving your power away, you will be able to recognize and release these patterns more quickly. Although I’ve apprenticed and trained in a number of healing modalites including Acupuncture, Reiki, Thetahealing and Belvaspata, I have come to realize two things that are more important than the techniques. The first is how well I can become a clear vessel without ego, judgement or attachment to allow the Creator and the body do the work. The second is how well I can motivate and support the client in digging to find the core mental and emotional patterns that are blocking full expression.

Royal Court Coaching Packages

Currently, I offer 1-month, 3-month and 6-month coaching packages that have taken the place of individual coaching sessions (except as a Patreon member). Package plans provide the opportunity for us to work together more closely so your conscious co-creation goals can be achieved.

Coaching sessions include 1-on-1  Destiny Cards classes, as well as energy clearing work as desired and/ or needed. They are designed as self-help sessions focused on providing you the knowledge and tools to become a better conscious co-creator. And since there are many things to focus on in conscious co-creation coaching, sessions work best when you have a certain goal or question you’d like clarity on. You’ll also receive email support and a host of other supporting documents, templates and audio files.

With over 15 years experience as a healing facilitator and Destiny Card practitioner, working with me is an excellent way to become a better conscious co-creator of the life you desire. You will also gain more in depth knowledge and clarity into your relationships and your personal life path and cycles, so you can make better choices. 1-on-1 Destiny Cards classes are NOT considered “readings,” as you will be learning the system as you go. Sessions are held via phone or Skype.

After completing a coaching package, you will:

  • Gain insight into your life’s purpose, your innate strengths and what may be blocking you from expressing them more fully
  • Gain clarity on the most important long-term and short-term transits influencing your life and how to make use of them
  • Better understand the blockages that have prevented you from achieving your goals and receive clearing sessions to help release old charge so that more positive options can naturally rise to the surface
  • Learn simple, yet powerful self-help tools that can be used after the coaching period to continue to remove blockages as they arise
  • Continue to receive on-going support through our newsletter, teleconference calls and other useful offerings.

If coaching is something you might be interested in, contact me to see if we’re a match and to schedule a free 30 minute “planting” session.