Destiny Card Reports

Destiny Card Reports  $25

The Destiny Cards reports give a detailed description of the energies affecting past, present and future life cycles so perspective, insight and wiser choices can be made. Just like Earth has a relationship with all the other planets in our solar system, you also have a relationship with others on Earth based on your time of birth. Relationship Reports can help determine how compatible you are with loved ones and determine what is the “spiritual curriculum” or growth lessons of your relationship.

If you are committed to improving your life, but don’t have extra income at this time to devote to on-going coaching services, a great option is to order the Destiny Card reports. They provide great value and insight in gaining clarity with your life cycles and are especially accurate in revealing relationship karma. If you are already familiar with astrology or other ancient systems, you’ll be amazed at how insightful and in alignment these reports can be click here to order reports.