“DeBorah’s workshop helped me to see we are not alone. We are connected with everything and everyone. The universe, the planets, it’s all connected. You can tell that she has studied this system and is a master in it.  It’s true that numbers have answers. Deborah said so many things that made sense to me and when I read about my card in the Destiny Cards book, I instantly found it to be very accurate. I was able to see myself more clearly and I think it’s much more easier to grasp than astrology. Deborah really knows what she is talking about. She gave me confidence that I needed to spend my money with her! The results I received from her consultation was well worth it!”
Carmen Uruz
Sound Breath Facilitator, Cuernavaca, Mexico

“DeBorah has been a great friend and teacher. Although I’ve been exposed to astrology for so many years, I have not been able to grasp the concepts to where I feel comfortable. The Destiny/Love Cards system she introduced to me makes astrology make more sense. I feel that the work she is currently doing will aid us in putting together pieces of what is occurring on the earth in a context that will demystify the hype and position us to face our fears with the right overstanding. We need a system that is divine, indigenous, and precise enough to help unravel the tentacles of disconnected doings. I feel that DeBorah can deliver, through this and other esoteric systems of her choice, the message she’s  been chosen to execute. DeBorah is genuine and open and brings a level of professionalism that allows others to take her seriously. I have observed since the time I’ve known her that she has done the work and put in the time. What I also love is how she is always looking deeper into the causal nature of things. This gives me an opportunity to look deeper as well.”
Camara Delores Knight
Managing Partner of Clifton Hill Eco-Center for Research and Education, St. Croix, USVI

“Deborah’s presentation was very interesting and she is very knowledgeable about the Destiny Card system. She has a very charming and energetic personality and you can feel her enthusiasm about the cards. I gained insight into my personal patterns in life based on my date of birth, and she helped me to see how I can use the knowledge of personal cycles effectively to get my power back. It’s empowering to know that everything is just a cycle that comes and eventually will pass.
I have gotten psychic readings in the past and they are a lot different from astrological consultations. You don’t really get told what is going to happen and most people want to know that. But on the other hand it is good because you’re not given a certain mindset about things. You are given the possibilities.”
Madeleine Fink
Yoga Teacher & Diving Instructor, Germany

“DeBorah’s presentation was full of great information. Her passion and drive inspired me to look deeper into the Destiny Card system and was the main reason I decided to get a consultation. The consultation reinforced that I’m on the right path with the things I’m currently engaged in. It also gave me insight on what to focus on for future success.”
Peter Adams
Founder of The Sanctuary Healing Retreat Community, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

“DeBorah’s presentation was really informative and a lot of stuff she said really resonated with me, especially when I read about my Birth Card!   I’ve been talking about it to everyone for the last two days! The whole thing is quite complex and would take a little study to get to know more deeply, but the fact that I was captivated from start to finish, was asking so many questions at the end, and interested in getting a consultation that proves to me it was a fantastic workshop.

The consultation was so freakishly accurate! I don’t know what to say because I’m quite taken back. I never had an astrological reading before, but I’ve had psychic readings. What I really enjoyed about DeBorah’s approach was how fun it was and how she gave me the information on the influences affecting me in certain areas of my life, but left it open for me to see how things show up is based on the choices I make.  It’s like nothing is definite and nothing is decided. I like that there is information for you to go an approach the year or the time with that little bit of insight of what could potentially be the outcome based on my choices. I find that very empowering. The joyous way in which she communicates everything shows me there is a lot of passion there. Her passion and how excited she was about it was really obvious and that made me more excited about it. It’s really nice to have any kind of spiritual guide or guru to be passionate about what they are doing. It makes you feel at ease and it makes the whole experience really enjoyable.”
Emily McLarty
DJ/Bartender, Soultown DJ’s Facebook Page, Melbourne, Australia