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The Destiny Cards reports give a detailed description of the energies affecting past, present and future life cycles so perspective, insight and wiser choices can be made. Just like Earth has a relationship with all the other planets in our solar system, we also have a relationship with others on Earth based on our time of birth. Relationship reports can help determine how compatible you are with loved ones and determine what is the “spiritual curriculum” or growth lessons of your relationships.

Life Report- $25

This 30-40 page, full-color PDF report describes in detail a person’s life spread or the cards that influence them throughout their entire life. You will get insight into each 13 year cycle of your life. In addition, the report gives a brief overview of the most auspicious card influences for each age during a 20 year time period. This report is a great guide in the upbringing of a child or working with the youth, giving insight on how to building their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Yearly Report- $25

This 30-35 page, full-color PDF report gives you an insightful look into your yearly Birth Card cycle, which begins on your birthday. The report provides important tools on what to focus on during specific times of the year. These reports are great for personal use or for birthday presents. Every card in your yearly spread is laid out and described in detail.

Weekly Calendar Report- $52

This 52 page, PDF report gives you an insightful look into your weekly Birth Card cycles, which begins on the day of the week you were born and can be done for any year/52-Week period of your life. This report is for more advanced Cardology students that would like to understand their weekly cycles for planning and reflective purposes.

Personal Relationship Report- $25

This 20-22 page, full-color PDF report presents a very detailed look at any two people’s relationship giving insight into the most important connections. Relationships can be between lovers, friends, family members, even students and teachers. These personalized reports read like a book and will amaze those who read them with their accuracy.

Business Relationship Report- $25

This 20-22 page full-color PDF report analyzes any two people’s business relationship together. It can assist you to make better decisions in business relationships by assessing the vital connections between each partner.

Prayers of a Virgin PDF Ebook– $13

Together with your Yearly Report and Weekly Calendar Report, Prayers of a Virgin: 52 Weeks of Poetic Inspiration and Personal Planetary Guidance with the Destiny Cards is the perfect teaching tool! POV is more than just a 365-Day inspirational calendar, it’s also an astrological planner SPECIFIC to your birthdate that helps you understand YOUR life path and cycles to make better choices.