If you have found your way to this page, it’s because you have a light to bear and a gift to share that can help shine enough light on this planet so we can make the evolutionary shift into Oneness Consciousness. If you’re like many of us, you’re wanting to create a stable mental, emotional and financial foundation so you can continue your work as a light beacon, unbought and unbossed. You know there is a better way than straining and struggling and scarcely getting by. In your heart of hearts, you don’t want to feed into the scarcity consciousness that exists on the planet, yet you are unsure on how to create that mental, emotional and financial breakthrough that will allow you to finally co-create the life and legacy that you’ve always dreamed of.
If your like me, you are wanting to master your life by learning practical tools on how to do this. You’re not looking for extraordinary experiences, but rather exceptionally powerful principles and practices and time tested techniques that once applied, yield extraordinary results of Clarity and Abundance. You also know this can only come about by taking full responsibility for your life choices.
My name is DeBorah Bellony, and it’s my mission to assist YOU, a fabulous fellow Light Beacon, co-create the Life and Legacy that you’ve always dreamed of.
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Sharing Powerful Practices & Principles for Conscious Co-Creation