Why Work With Me?

My Knowledge of Astrology AND the Destiny Cards

I have been a student of astrology since I was 12 years old. It was this fascination with astrology that has led me on a path of self knowledge for all my life. However, my knowledge of astrology grew exponentially when I had the opportunity to work as a development officer at the Astrological Institute in Scottsdale, AZ in 2001. As the first ever accredited school for astrology and psychology at the time, I had the opportunity to take classes and learn from leading astrologers from around the world. Even Princess Diana’s astrologer did a weekend intensive at the school. I have found that many astrologers are not familiar with the Destiny Cards or haven’t worked with them for that long. Then there are those that have worked with the Destiny Cards, but don’t have the added insight that astrology can bring in consultations. The Destiny Cards and astrology becomes more powerful in consultations when they are used together.

My Practical Approach Gained From Experience

In 1998, I was introduced to Robert Camp’s books and took to them like a hand in glove. What made it so easy for me was that my mother was a Rosicrucian and she had a book around the house that I remember reading since I was a teenager entitled Self Mastery and Fate Through the Cycles of Life by Dr. Spencer Lewis. The book also broke the year down into seven 52 day periods. Although the book didn’t mention anything about astrology or the playing cards, it did help me to be familiar with the cycles of life at an early age.

I began this path of self knowledge based on my deep desire to gain clarity in my own life. Initially, I never had as a goal to teach others because I always felt that there was so much more to learn. Part of this initial resistance was my fear of stepping out and sharing on a larger scale and shining my light. It finally dawned on me that this was something I was avoiding when a lot of the metaphysical teachers and healers that I have either studied with or assisted began to say to me over and over again that it was now time for me to start teaching and sharing.

My Work with Robert Camp

I had the unique opportunity to work with Robert as an assistant back in 2000. Although the time was very short, I was able to connect with Robert, ask many questions, and advance my knowledge in the Destiny Cards system via his more advanced offerings. Later, when I was working at the Astrological Institute, I was instrumental in having Robert teach a weekend intensive for the students in the program.

Destiny Card Reports  $25

The Destiny Cards reports give a detailed description of the energies affecting past, present and future life cycles so perspective, insight and wiser choices can be made. Just like Earth has a relationship with all the other planets in our solar system, you also have a relationship with others on Earth based on your time of birth. Relationship Reports can help determine how compatible you are with loved ones and determine what is the “spiritual curriculum” or growth lessons of your relationship.

If you are committed to improving your life, but don’t have extra income at this time to devote to on-going coaching services, a great option is to order the Destiny Card reports. They provide great value and insight in gaining clarity with your life cycles and are especially accurate in revealing relationship karma. If you are already familiar with astrology or other ancient systems, you’ll be amazed at how insightful and in alignment these reports can be click here to order reports.

Another alternative is to purchase the books Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards by Robert Lee Camp. The books are written as a reference guide that you can use to gain insight into your life and relationships for the rest of your life click here to buy books. Since the Destiny Cards system is new to a lot of people, I have found that reading the reports alone without an overview can be overwhelming. For this reason, I have included a link for Robert Camp’s  free e-course, “How to Read Your Own Destiny.”

But, let’s say that you’ve done all of the above or that you want to go a little deeper. Your next step would be to see if Coaching Services are right for you.